322 million tons of plastics

This is the world’s production in 2016 vs. only 1 million tons of bio-based plastics.

The production of plastics is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Pollution associated with plastics

is present in all the world’s major ocean basins and an additional 5 to 13 million tons are dumped into the oceans each year.

Some chemicals found in plastics

are considered to be endocrine disrupters that interfere with human hormonal functions.

90% of plastics can be replaced with bio-based polymers.

The dilemma with

bio-based polymers

Non-competitive cost, too high against plastics. Insufficient supply volume. In general, bioplastics, have not proven their economic and environmental viability on a large scale, based on the traditional industrial model.

Daily fluctuations

of raw material prices

Limit cost control, making it difficult to compete with plastics and preventing the offer of long-term price guarantees.

The current use

of food-grade land

Allocated to the feedstock production for biopolymers in industrial applications, has raised ethical concerns and problems in the use of local resources.

The succession of fragmented and

uncoordinated industrial sectors

Prevent a real impact on a large scale and are economically uncompetitive, compared to plastics in the market.

How can this conundrum be contained?

Thanks to our unparalleled innovative solution.


An ecosystem

at the forefront of technology

Specifically designed to optimize the entire integrated end-to-end production process.


Cost saving from

beginning to end of the value chain

A bio-manufacturing solution that ensures the delivery of the most cost-competitive products.


With an

exclusive know-how

A unique pool of knowledge and intellectual property.



of plastics

Produced ethically in advanced industrial applications.


Designed on an integral

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Complete end-to-end solution for recovering, identifying and recycling.


A pioneering

business model

Built on a unique hyper-scalable blueprint.

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